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To Members of the Jury 


Dear Honorable members of the Jury,

All the details provided in this document should only be considered as supplementary information and should in no way influence the decision of the Jury.

I have mentioned all the information to better understand Dave Kissoondoyal as a nominee and as per the application form no attachment is allowed. I abide to the same and this material is only supplementary to the information contained in the application for nomination form.

I would like to mention that if I am nominated and if there is any prize to be granted to me, I would like the prize to go to our brothers and sisters of Rodrigues, through the Prime Ministerís Relief Fund for Rodrigues. However this should not be considered as an influence to the members of Jury, neither to induce you in your decision. This is my wish from the bottom of my heart and I hope it materialises. If people start to be less greedy and think about others, then we can make sure that we have a better world. 

Wishing you best of luck in your work.


Dave Kissoondoyal, ACMI


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